Fibre optics / light conductor

Light conductors are used in optoelectronics to transmit information. Highly flexible stripwound hoses with minimal outer diameters of as little as 1.4 mm protect the light conductor from mechanical damage in these applications.

Lining the inside of the flexible metal hose with silicone or a similar material allows autoclavable, light- and fluid-tight light conductors to be manufactured. The hose is provided with an outer sheathing which protects it from dirt or aggressive fluids as appropriate for the application.



  • Smallest outer diameters are possible, approx. 1.4 mm with 0.35 mm interior coil
  • Highly flexible, with bending radius limitation
  • High tensile strength and very small elongation
  • Resistant to torsion and transverse pressure
  • Autoclavable, light- and liquid-tight
  • Smooth interior surface – completely free of burrs



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