Metal Hoses

Heinrich Witzenmann invented the flexible metal tube in 1885. This was the foundation of the flexible metal tube and expansion joint industry. Nowadays, flexible metal tubes of the "HYDRA®" brand are used as flexible line elements in virtually all markets. They absorb motions and vibrations or compensate for mounting tolerances.

Their universal properties render flexible metal tubes very versatile. In the temperature range from -270°C to approx. 600°C, from vacuum to 380 bar. Moreover, the available range of nominal diameters from 1.8 mm to 300 mm opens up a wide range of applications.
Flexible metal tubes comprise wound tubes and corrugated hoses. While the former are characterised by their high mechanical strength, the latter excel based on their tightness and high compressive strength when used as braided conduit

Fields of application:

  • as a protective hose for electrical cables or light conductors in the electrical industry and mechanical engineering
  • as trace heating for pipelines
  • as a suction, conveying and coolant hose, e.g. when conveying and transporting liquid gas
  • As high-pressure hoses for technical gases
  • for vibration decoupling in exhaust gas systems in the automotive industry
  • as gas, water, and ventilation hoses in technical building equipment
  • as lance hoses in the steel industry
  • in measuring and control technology
  • in medical technology
  • as fin tank hoses for passenger aircraft in the aerospace and astronautics industry
  • as shielding hoses in the reactor industry
  • as heating hoses in multiplate presses

in regenerative energy generation, e.g. as media lines in solar power stations or in solar thermal applications, protective hoses in wind power stations, off-shore …


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